Mesh products are imported in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and other materials for architectural project. These products can be used to give an innovative effect to the interiors like 3D and furniture beside being used for false ceiling panels and slats. They are also used to enhance multiple projects such as covering the facades, car park and sun shades.

Glass Shower / Decorative Film / Smart Film / Smart Glass / Glass Hardware

Premier connects customers to manufacturers from inquiries to design to pricing. Everything in the manufacturer company is custom made to client satisfaction. We look into detail as this is what we pride on. Let us show you how to enhance your next project with the beauty of glass. We specializes in import of frameless shower doors, painted kitchen backsplashes, antique mirrors, safety glass, digital imagery glass, smart glass, smart film and many type of custom work that customers may desire for imported materials.

Electric Mirrors

Electric mirrors are new the norm in renovation and hospitality projects. These include standard and customized mirror with options of defoggers, colors, frame and frameless Options. Some customer may request Smart Electric Mirror connected to internet and may ask for TV screens. These electric mirrors takes you to newest bathroom experience every time you visit.

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